Best Spotify playlist: Acid, Underground, Dark techno styles

Techno is not just a style of electronic music, it is a whole universe consisting of many sub-styles, each of which has a unique sound. From acidic acid techno bass to dark techno atmospheres, from hypnotic techno rhythms to melodic detroit techno drive – every music lover will find music to his liking.

Do you want to dive into the world of techno music and discover its versatility?

Here’s a selection of the best curated playlists on Spotify to guide you through the most interesting corners of techno music

1. ACID & TECHNO – Selected by Analog Experience

  • A true classic: acid lines, TB-303, underground vibe.
  • For fans: experiments, nonconformism, old-school sound.
  • Keywords: acid techno, 303, underground, old-school.


  • Dark side of techno: gloomy melodies, industrial noises, powerful drums, underground.
  • For fans: cyberpunk, extreme sensations, underground.
  • Keywords: gloomy, industrial, powerful, hypnotic, raw


  • Style: modern techno rave
  • For whom: Dancers, ravers, fans of electronic music – all those who are eager to get a charge of energy and unforgettable experience.
  • Keywords: modern, experimental, dynamic, versatile


4. Heavy Bass Techno

The true test of your audio system . Composed of powerful techno tracks with an emphasis on deep and resonating bass, this playlist is designed to excite your speakers and test their power. Here, each track features a powerful bass line that builds sonic pressure and energizes.

5. Other_Techno

Here you will find unexpected combinations of styles, futuristic sounds, complex rhythmic structures and limitless space for musical experiments. “Other Techno” is for those who are ready to explore new facets of electronic music and open themselves to unusual musical experiences.

6. Detroit Techno – Selected by Analog Experience

Detroit is considered the birthplace of techno, and this playlist will allow you to dive into the classic sound of the genre. Here you will find tracks from different producers with the characteristic sound and spirit of Detroit techno.

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