Valera Unusov – The World is Acid [ Techno, Electro] music 2022

The World is Acid – a powerful electro broken rhythm with an acid line and a deep atmosphere. The second track is not worse than the first, but already a classic 4×4 rhythm and retrospective. And finally, a bizarre sequence is mixed with increasing trepidation, but most importantly, no panic!

Breakbeat / Electro 2022 : Valera Unusov – The World is Acid
techno music  2022 Valera Unusov Cybertalk
techno electro music 2022 Valera Unusov Cybertalk

Label: We Can Do Everything!
Artist: Valera Unusov
Title: The World is Acid
Release date: 3/06/2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno Electro
Catalogue Number: WCDE006

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